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Twitter Investigates Global Blackout

(San Francisco) Twitter seemed to regain color after a global blackout lasting nearly two hours on Thursday, a priori of a technical nature, an incident that the social network would have gone through after a controversy over the handling of a article politician in the middle of the campaign for the US presidential election.

Posted Oct 15, 2020 at 6:33 PM

Updated at 7:56 PM

Agence France-Presse

"Twitter has been flat for many of you and we are working to bring everyone back to normal," tweeted the California group.

"We have had problems with our internal systems and have no evidence of a security breach or computer attack."

At around 11:40 PM GMT, it was possible to perform certain actions, such as retweet a tweet, but many users were still unable to send a new tweet. They continued to receive the message that was displayed when the outage started.

“Something went wrong, but don't worry. Please try again, ”the network told several users who tried to tweet.

The Downdetector site received messages from internet users who were not allowed to use the platform from all over the world, especially from densely populated areas in the United States and Japan.

The outage appears to have started around 9:30 PM GMT.

“We will continue to monitor the situation as our teams investigate. More updates to come, "said the site's Application Programming Interface (API) at the height of the outage.

This outage came at the wrong time for Twitter.

The social network has been suffering since Wednesday morning. of US law and many observers, who are unhappy that the platform has decided to block sharing of an article based on illegal documents and to compromise for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the presidential election, given the winner by most polls .


The platform giants regularly have to deal with large-scale disruptions.

Twitter had experienced an hour in July 2019, a few hours a year ago, and a last one in February.

But these technical glitches bothered users much less than computer attacks.

In July, the Twitter network was the victim of a spectacular cyberattack: the stories of American personalities including Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama and the founders of Amazon (Jeff Bezos), Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Tesla (Elon Musk) were hacked.

Messages posted to a total of 130 accounts, most of which were quickly deleted, gave internet users 30 minutes to send $ 1,000 in bitcoin to earn double that value in return.

Several young Americans, ages 17 to 22, have since been charged. They reportedly attacked a handful of Twitter employees through a phone phishing operation to obtain their credentials.

In September 2019, the Blue Bird platform had also faced a brief but embarrassing attack: the account of Jack Dorsey, Twitter boss and founder, had been hacked and abusive or racist messages had been posted in his name.

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