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Transat will have to be fired for marrying Air Canada

The new agreement between Air Canada and Transat explicitly stipulates that Transat staff reductions must be made prior to closing of the transaction, in which Pierre Karl Péladeau remains interested.

Posted Oct 16, 2020 at 7:00 am

Jean-François Codère
La Presse

"Upon receipt [des autorisations réglementaires] and confirmation from the purchaser that the conditions have been met […]a workforce reduction plan will be prepared in light of the impact of the pandemic. Of COVID-19, which [Transat] has been publicly published. will have to announce and implement before its conclusion […] ”, we read in article 4.2 (4) of the English version of the treaty. The French version has not yet been made public.

According to Christophe Hennebelle, vice president of Human Resources and Public Affairs of Transat, this new clause is linked to an announcement that Transat made just over a month ago, on the occasion of the unveiling of the latest quarterly results.

At the time, the airline said it feared it would be up to 2,000 of the approximately 3,250 temporary layoffs it has made so far, she explained at the time that this forecast was based on changes in demand and regulation. environment, which limited the period during which redundancies could be considered temporary.

& # 39; Transat expects to be fired anyway, & # 39; Hennebelle recalled Thursday. “It can be more, it can be less.

According to him, the new clause of the settlement agreement could only apply to reductions attributable to COVID-19 and could not be used, for example, to force Transat to eliminate positions that would become redundant within Air Canada. Such reductions are generally unavoidable in a merger context.

“This is a reduction plan related to COVID-19, it says.

The Air Canada spokesman was not available on Thursday.

"Pontius Pilate"

The clause did not escape the eye of Pierre Karl Péladeau. The Quebecor boss, who expressed his interest in Transat last year, always says "analyze the file," which led him to read the new agreement and clause 4.2 (4). .

Mr. Péladeau has multiplied attacks on Air Canada since the beginning of this file, and he reiterated it yesterday in an interview with La Presse, accusing the company of forcing Transat to cut the jobs itself to wash their hands. .

“They are like Pontius Pilate, they ask Transat to do hara-kiri themselves. "

According to Mr. Péladeau, there is no doubt that" Quebeckers will pay "if the transaction were to be closed, as this entails less competition.

" When Videotron entered the wireless market, prices in Quebec fell. Fifteen years later it's still true, prices are lower in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada and everyone agrees it's because of competition from Videotron. Bell and Air Canada, it's a white cap, a white cap, Quebecers will pay for it. "

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