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United Airlines sees sales decline by 78%

(New York) The American company United Airlines, hit by the decline in air traffic since the start of the pandemic, saw its third-quarter sales drop by 78%, just before a massive wave of layoffs.

Posted Oct 14, 2020 at 4:46 PM

Updated at 5:23 PM

Agence France-Presse

The company fired more than 13,000 workers earlier this month for failing to agree on new support for Washington's aviation industry after subsidies for paid workers ended.

Democrats and Republicans have been negotiating since the end of July to find a compromise on the extension of this aid, but at this point in time, that has failed.

The company, with revenues of $ 2.49 billion, says it has slowed the rate at which it burns money: United spent $ 25 million a day from July to September, or nearly half of its daily $ 40 million from the second quarter.

She lost $ 1.8 billion in that period.

In an unusual revenue publication, she says that all the measures taken since the start of the spread of COVID-19 have enabled her to "handle the crisis also, if not better, than its competitors."

Delta reported a loss of $ 5.3 billion on Tuesday and a 76% drop in sales to $ 3.06 billion. American Airlines and SouthWest will publish their figures next week.

“We are ready to turn the page of seven months devoted to developing and implementing extraordinary and often painful measures, such as the dismissal of 13,000 team members, to survive the world's worst financial crisis. aviation, "CEO Scott Kirby said in the statement.

" While the negative impact of COVID-19 will persist in the near term, we are now focusing on positioning the airline on a strong recovery that will enable United to layoffs. recall employees and emerge as the world leader in aviation, ”he added.

The group has already resumed service on 146 lines in the United States and 78 internationally and has announced its intention to operate 28 more in the country and 9 internationally.

In the third quarter, the traditional period of long summer travel, the company carried a total of 9.74 million passengers, 77% less than in 2019, on planes that were on average 48% full.

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United Airlines sees sales decline by 78%

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