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A220 and CRJ | Delta causes traffic jams in Mirabel

The Airbus A220 program took a severe blow Tuesday with Delta confirmation of the postponement of numerous aircraft deliveries until at least 2022.

Posted October 14, 2020 at 6:08 am.

Jean-François Codère
La Presse

According to its latest annual report, Delta would receive 17 A220-100 aircraft assembled in Mirabel by 2020. The most recent data published by Airbus shows only three deliveries at the end of September. According to the specialized site ABCDlist, seven aircraft are currently sleeping on the tarmac in Mirabel, awaiting delivery.

These 17 aircraft were the last to be ordered by Delta. All other controls for the US aircraft manufacturer are for the larger model, the A220-300, built into Mobile. Delta & # 39; s schedule required six deliveries by 2020. None have yet been made, and again, finished devices are awaiting payment.

Delta president and CEO Ed Bastian said in interviews with US media on Tuesday that these orders were only delayed, not canceled.

However, this could cause significant liquidity problems for Airbus Canada, as most of the aircraft's price is not paid until delivery. In addition to the already completed aircraft, there are others for which production work has already started.

The Airbus factory in Mirabel currently produces three planes per month, but deliveries are not following. Since it resumed cruising speed in June, only eight aircraft have been delivered. If it's not some customers' financial hardship, others just can't physically travel to Mirabel to close the sale.

Impending end for the CRJ

The decision to delay deliveries will also affect CRJ aircraft assembled by Mitsubishi in Mirabel. Bombardier sold the end-of-life CRJ program to the Japanese company several months ago. Their production should be discontinued by the end of the year at the latest, a Mitsubishi spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

Delta officially had four more CRJs in its order book. Neither she nor Mitsubishi indicated on Tuesday how those orders could be delayed if production stops very soon.

The decision "has no significant impact on the end of the assembly line," the Mitsubishi spokeswoman said simply.

Delta estimates that $ 2 billion US as of this year, and $ 5 billion by 2022, is the money it can keep by putting all its devices back on order.

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