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Online Trading | Which platform do you choose for your company?

From a small business Facebook page to a comprehensive transaction site, there are many ways a business can do e-commerce. Overview.

Posted Oct 12, 2020 at 8:00 am

Karim Benessaieh
La Presse

The base


Example of a company that created a Facebook page to sell its products.

A simple email address on his website, a Facebook page commercial display of products and their prices, an advertisement in Kijiji, and manual order and shipping management. This is the easiest and cheapest way to ensure a minimal online presence. Thousands of companies in Quebec have taken this path, although statistics in this regard are rare. The Center that Facilitates Research and Innovation in Organizations (CEFRIO) estimated in 2018 that about 1% of Quebec merchants used Facebook.

The "third party" site


Amazon, like Best Buy or SkiptheDishes, allows companies to use their platform – for a fee – to sell their products.

The best-known and most popular example for this formula is Amazon. Quebec data is unknown, but an estimated 10,000 Canadian companies have chosen this platform to display their products. Best Buy also offers retailer accommodation in its Marketplace, and platforms such as SkiptheDishes have helped thousands of restaurant owners take the plunge. In essence, these large sites take over a lot of ecommerce management, sometimes taking over the deliveries for a commission. According to CEFRIO, 8% of Quebec sellers have chosen this format.

The "turnkey"


Several web companies offer a "turnkey" approach to designing and hosting online stores, a formula especially suitable for small merchants.

Called Panierdachatcom, Shopify or Mediavore, their formulas differ, but they have three things in common: relatively low basic hosting and design costs, templates that the company can customize and various additional services that can quickly increase the price. Invoice. "Their catalog is already drawn up and you can enter your options there, it's pretty ready-made," explains Alain Dumas, General Manager of the Blue Basket. This is good for small traders who don't have a lot of internal resources. "

The personalized site


The Ultimate, That Has a Price: The Custom Transactional Site

This is the Cadillac of the transaction sites, where companies that have a good income and want to increase their share will resort to their online sales . These personalized sites are provided by web agencies – there are dozens of them in Quebec – who will design the site and set up transactional logistics, management and delivery. This is the route typically followed by the largest companies, the 5% who, according to CEFRIO, make more than 100 shipments per week.

Some figures

92%: Share of online sales by Quebec companies for products intended for Quebec. This rate is 47% in Ontario.

50%: Half of online merchants in Quebec ship five products or less per week to customers.

56%: Percentage of Quebec online businesses that believe "delivery time and speed" are the most important expectations of their customers.

Source: Portrait of logistics in electronic commerce in Quebec, October 2018, CEFRIO

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