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US President | Facebook to ban political ads from closing polling stations

(San Francisco) Facebook announced on Wednesday that all election-related advertising, on social or political topics, would be banned on its platforms in the United States when polling stations close on November 3, US election night.

Posted Oct 7, 2020 at 6:01 PM

Agence France-Presse

The social media giant, often criticized for its rules that were deemed lax with regard to political content, made this decision to reduce the risks of "confusion or abuse," according to a press release, while the presidential vote took place. can be hotly contested.

In early September, the California group had already announced that no new political ads could be aired in the week before the election.

"We will also withdraw calls to watch elections at polling stations when these calls are worded in military terms or when they suggest the idea of ​​intimidating or controlling election officials or voters," the social network also says.

Facebook has been steadily adding strings for months in order not to repeat the trauma of 2016, when the platform was used in mass campaigns aimed at influencing voters, in the presidential polls in the United States and Brexit in the UK. These operations were mainly orchestrated from Russia.

Like Twitter and YouTube, Facebook is concerned that the results may take a long time to be known, as more than usual postal voting takes place during a pandemic, and that the results could be fiercely contested in the world. interval. With the risk of street violence.

"If a candidate or party announces their victory prematurely before a result is given by the mainstream media, we will add specific information indicating that the number of votes is still underway and the winner has not yet been determined," recalled Facebook high officials at a press conference.

The company considers itself "better prepared than ever".

"We believe that over the past four years, we have done more than any other company to help ensure the integrity of the election. This includes preventing interference, combating disinformation and attempts to discourage voters from voting, & # 39; & # 39; said Guy Rosen, one of the group's vice-chairmen responsible for integrity. [19659012]

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