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Facebook and Instagram will delete all accounts associated with QAnon

(San Francisco) Facebook on Tuesday announced the withdrawal of all accounts, pages and groups related to the conspiratorial movement "QAnon", on the main platform and on Instagram, while the number of followers of this movement from pro-Trump far right has exploded in the run-up to the US presidential election.

Posted Oct 6, 2020 at 5:32 PM

Agence France-Presse

The social media giant, regularly accused by civil society of not fighting sufficiently against actors spreading hatred, had cracked down on QAnon on several occasions. This time, even the pages that "do not contain violent content" will be removed if they are related to the movement, the California group said in a statement.

Facebook has indeed noticed that supporters of these many conspiracy theories move from one topic to another in order to constantly gather new audiences.

While we removed QAnon-related content that celebrated and supported violence, we saw different (movement) content on other forms of real danger.


] For example, "claims that certain groups of people are behind wildfires on the west coast (of the United States)," Facebook continues.

The company said it will take several weeks to resolve the issues.

By August, it had already withdrawn nearly 800 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 ads directly related to this movement on Facebook.

She also took steps to reduce the reach of more than 10,000 Instagram accounts and nearly 2,000 groups and 440 Facebook pages, such as restricting recommendations, relegating them to news feeds, making them more difficult to find, preventing them that they advertise or sell products.

“We have seen movements grow that, even if they do not directly organize violence, celebrate acts of violence, show they have weapons and suggest that they will use them, or probably have fans. violent behavior, ”the group explained at the time.

When asked about QAnon in August, following Facebook's measures, the Republican billionaire said he saw them primarily as "people who love our country."

“I don't know much about it. I understand that they like me very much, and I appreciate that, ”he added, suggesting that their recent rise in popularity was related to the demonstrations that were taking place in Portland (northwest) or New York. , against racism and police brutality.

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