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The Uber Freight app fetches 500 million

(New York) Uber & # 39; s app that allows truckers to hire Uber Freight has raised $ 500 million from several investors to accelerate its development, in a deal valued at 3.3 billion, according to a statement released Friday.

Posted October 2, 2020 at 2:56 PM.

Agence France-Presse

Launched in the United States in 2017, Uber Freight works like the traditional Uber app, connecting professional heavy truck drivers and their employers with people who want to hire their services for deliveries.

Uber plans to use the new funds to expand its logistics platform and accelerate technological innovations, to enable its users to better manage their supply chain, whether in anticipating costs, calling offers or to track their deliveries in real time.

The money is provided by a group of investors led by the New York-based Greenbriar Equity Group, which is used to investing in the logistics industry. Two of its leaders will join Uber Freight's board of directors.

Uber retains majority ownership of the application, and thus control of it.

Within a few years, "we have revolutionized the industry. With technology transforming legacy, non-automated processes to ensure that shippers and carriers are best equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing industry," Said Uber Freight boss Lior Ron in the statement.

"We are delighted to start a new chapter with Greenbriar at our side," a company "with deep expertise and a shared passion for simplifying logistics," he added

Michael Weiss of Greenbriar, for his part, focuses on how Uber can transform the industry with its innovations. Carriers and shippers "will increasingly be drawn to the ease and simplicity that Uber Freight has on a complex market, ”he predicts.

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