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Facebook emphasizes its groups to resolve disagreements

(San Francisco) Facebook said Thursday it will promote the visibility of its groups, in which 1.8 billion social network users gather every month to discuss their favorite areas of interest.

Posted October 1, 2020 at 5:51 PM.

Agence France-Presse

The goal: to encourage internet users to find common ground and to show their differences less – which can sometimes be violently voiced on Facebook.

Public groups (there are private), targeted, are therefore more likely to appear in recommendations, in users' newsfeeds.

The world's largest social network also announced that new software would be used by administrators to ensure proper trading and compliance with terms of use.

These new features were announced at an annual Facebook conference held pretty much because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Groups allow people to interact with (people with) different ideas or stories," Fidji Simo, a vice president of the group responsible for the mobile application, told AFP.

"And if you say other ideas, you sometimes mean security problems". Case in point: Today, a Facebook group dedicated to online courses for parents of children from the same school can become a virtual boxing ring when topics like vaccines or incarceration are discussed.

A new feature will help the administrators of these groups (there are 70 million on Facebook who have created or managed a group) to automatically ban posts that contain certain words or that have been written by users with an already reported profile.

The administrators, who "spend several hours a week ensuring that their communities are well managed," will also receive adequate training, according to Fiji Simo.

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