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United | TikTok publishes a guide to elections despite the precarious situation

(Washington) The TikTok video app put together an American "election guide" Tuesday, along with other major social networks, despite uncertainties about its future in the United States.

Posted September 29, 2020 at 7:16 PM

Agence France-Presse

This section of the platform provides information about candidates (at local and federal level), explains how to vote and links to useful sites, for example to check their voter registration. The informative content comes from authorities or independent organizations.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (Google), and others have all taken similar steps to ensure that voters are given priority access to reliable procedural information ahead of an upcoming election. hotly contested announcement.

But for TikTok, this announcement comes against the background of tensions with the president and Republican candidate Donald Trump, who, without proof, accuses the espionage request on Beijing's behalf because it belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance.

The Department of Commerce said the platform would be banned from the United States on November 12 if it did not fall under the United States by then.

So far, negotiations with companies (especially Oracle and Walmart) and legal proceedings have saved her time.

But TikTok has been trying to prove its position and worth for months in a country where it is visited by 100 million people.

"Of course, TikTok isn't the app of choice for news or politics," admits Michael Beckerman, the company's vice president responsible for US regulations.

"And we don't accept paid political ads on our app," he adds, referring to Facebook, which has been heavily criticized for not only allowing these types of ads, but also exempting them from the social network. partly verifications of the facts imposed on other content.

“But we know that TikTok is a place where Americans can express themselves. With this reality in mind, we want to support our users with authoritative information on topics important to the public debate.

The TikTok executives accuse the government of undermining freedom of speech and believe that Donald Trump is being lured into the application for political reasons.

For its part, the administration considers ByteDance a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party

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