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Amazon's Summer Sale will take place in October

(Washington) Amazon on Monday announced a new date for its annual global sales operation, with a special focus on small businesses using its platform, as many elected officials and associations accuse the e-commerce giant of anti-competitive practices.

Posted September 28, 2020 at 12:51 PM

Agence France-Presse

Prime Day, named after the plan for free shipping and other services, will be held October 13-14 this year.

Launched in 2015, normally takes place in July but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Amazon faced explosive e-commerce demand, especially for basic consumer goods, and its teams and warehouses had been unable to run a massive promotional operation this summer.

In its press release, the group said it "intends to spend more than $ 100 million on new promotions to help SMEs around the world increase sales and acquire new customers."

The company played a vital role during the Great Containment, from the delivery of products to people's homes to the cloud (remote computing) activities that enable work and play services through screens.

So in the second quarter, Amazon made $ 5.2 billion in net profit, double that of a year ago, despite the $ 4 billion invested in managing the health crisis.

"We've created more than 175,000 jobs since March […] and third-party sales have once again grown faster than Amazon's direct sales," said Chief Jeff Bezos. end of July.

"Selling through Amazon has enabled hundreds of smaller companies to maintain and even increase their revenues despite the crisis," the statement said Monday.

"Outside salespeople – mainly small and medium-sized businesses – account for about 60% of the physical sales in our store and have created about 2.2 million jobs," said the group, defending itself against allegations of overwhelming practices . its competitors in its market.

"Amazon is only interested in leveraging its monopoly on online sales," said David Cicillin, chairman of the Tech Giants Exceptional Parliamentary Hearing on July 30.

"Its dual roles of host and merchant on the same platform are fundamentally anti-competitive."

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