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The TikTok Moment | A generous tip for an 89 year old pizza delivery boy

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When the craving for pizza hit, the Valdez family of Roy, Utah, chose Papa John & # 39; s Pizzeria, not just for the choice of toppings the restaurant chain offers. meets their wishes, but also for his delivery person … 89 years old.

Posted September 26, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Maryse Tessier
La Presse

Journalist Alex Cabrero of the KSL website reports the story of the Valdez family and their meeting with delivery driver Derlin Newey. Over the course of the deliveries, the Valdez got to know Mr. Newey and asked for his permission to film his visits so they can be shared on TikTok.

Obviously, the question many are asking is, what is it like that a man this age delivers?

"He shouldn't be working that much," Carlos Valdez told the reporter.

This is how the family used their TikTok account to ask if their subscribers could donate to thank Derlin Newey. While the family expected to pick up just a few dollars, it was rather the tidy $ 12,000 they could give to the delivery guy.

The @ vendingheads account has 62,700 subscribers.

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