Jabra Evolve2 85: at the top in office use, but without disfiguring when listening to music

Shortly before the summer Jabra launched its new Evolve2 line of office headsets, which includes wired models such as the Evolve2 45 at the bottom of the range, and reaching the top of the range with the Evolve2 85, a Bluetooth over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation (or ANC).

The Jabra Evolve2 85 are reminiscent of the Elite 85h the top of the consumer range of the Danish manufacturer that we tested last year, managing to offer the same comfort even after hours of use, but with some differences in the finishes: given the target, the external surfaces of the ear cups see the mesh fabric replaced by a more spartan plastic cover, while the bow is covered both in the upper part and in the internal part (padded) with imitation leather ; in the right pavilion we find a semi-rigid boom for the microphones, which can be lowered to 90 ° and rotated to be positioned closer to the mouth.

The controls are mainly positioned on the right pavilion: on the central side there is a button with the dual function of accept / close calls and play / stop calls for music, while on the rear side there are the buttons to adjust the volume and the one to invoke the voice assistant and a mute button on the microphone shaft; on the left pavilion instead we find the button to adjust the ANC level and a switch to turn on the headphones and manage the connection to the devices. The commands are in our opinion easily reachable and identifiable, making them quite easy to use.

Being an office headset, it goes without saying that the point where they give their best is in the calls both via PC with the most common videoconferencing software and via smartphone – it is possible to connect them simultaneously to two different devices thus being able to receive audio from either a computer, using the adapter bluetooth usb supplied, both from the phone -, offering a good level of listening quality for a bluetooth headset.

As regards the microphone, it is possible to use it with the boom raised, in this case those integrated in the part are used of the headphone, or by lowering the rod, thus using those integrated in it, obtaining in the second case a greater cleaning of the sound from the surrounding noises as it is possible for the headphones to distinguish in a better way and the voice using all 10 microphones present on the Evolve2 it will be louder on the microphone inside the boom and therefore it is possible to separate it from the rest of the surrounding sounds perceived by the microphones integrated in the external surfaces of the pavilions: in our test we were able to make calls on the street without the noise of the traffic being perceived, or in the office – collaborating with our customer care – without hearing the voice of other colleagues in the room; it must be said, however, that even when used on a PC, the quality of the sound obtained from the microphones will be limited to what is allowed by the bluetooth connection, resulting similar to what we would hear in a telephone call.

The versatility of the Evolve2 85, they see them offer good performance in listening to music – similar to that offered by 85h – making them real all-round headphones: whether you are in the office, on the subway or on the train, active noise cancellation will be able to isolate you quite well, making you perceive at most some buzz in addition to the track being listened to.

The battery life is long enough to make it easy to forget that it is a wireless headphone: with longevity. very close to the 37h promised by the manufacturer, it is almost possible to carry out an entire working week before having to charge them (obviously if used only in the office). There are two possible options to recharge them: via USB-C cable or via the charging base (optional), in both cases the full charge is obtained with a maximum of 2 / 2.5h ; the charging base is an interesting solution as it allows, in addition to charging, not to leave the headphones around the desk when not worn, but it requires a little attention to be able to position the headphones correctly for charging (which happens using pins on the left pavilion). In our opinion it would have been a better accessory if it had integrated a bluetooth adapter or alternatively a USB port to connect the Bluetooth adapter supplied with the headphones, thus allowing you to use a single USB port for both charging and connectivity. .

Our experience with the Jabra Evolve2 85 has been excellent, thanks above all to the good comfort and versatility that allows you to have only one headset to use both in the office and in the journey between these last and his own home. However, the good versatility and excellent quality of the headset also corresponds to a price that is not exactly low: 350 € on Amazon for the basic version (which includes bluetooth adapter and transport case), just over 400 € for the package that also includes the recharging base.

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