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Apple Watch Series 6 | Colors, oxygen and belt without attachment

In five years, Apple has never turned the Apple Watch-winning recipe upside down, settling for small improvements every year. And the most recent Series 6 is no exception. On the menu in 2020: more colors, blood oxygenation measurement and a loose bracelet to fulfill its ambitions as an activity monitor. What should meet the unconditional, but make the marble likely to remain the 90% of resistance.

Posted September 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM.

Karim Benessaieh
La Presse

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Obviously, once we took the Apple Watch Series 6 out of the box and installed it last week, the first test was to measure blood oxygen using the eight groups of LEDs on the back. Within five days, we had results ranging from 94% to 98%, indicating a normal level.

What is this measurement of oxygen worth? Apple says the Series 6 is not a medical device and is not a substitute for an actual diagnosis. If you do not have a disease that can cause low blood oxygen – and COVID-19 would sometimes have this effect – it is difficult to estimate the value of this measure. In any case, we have not been able to link it to a particular condition, the results are comparable on the day after a well-soaked dinner or after an hour of walking outside.

Oxygen level contributes to a feature introduced in 2018, the electrocardiogram, and a range of applications to turn the Apple Watch into a Fitbit-like activity monitor, both during the day and at night. To fulfill this ambition, and to make it possible to assess the quality of sleep, we have launched a range of all-in-one bracelets, without attachments, designed to wear the watch 24 hours a day.

Similarly, its trademark since 2015, the Apple Watch is fully integrated into an iPhone, which it can replace many functions. You can take phone calls, see scheduled appointments, pay at the till, read text messages and emails, view the weather forecast, control music and select home automation devices. Using Siri, you can also dictate messages, which is very effective for short replies.

This year we added silver red and blue to the classic colors of black, stainless steel gold and aluminum.

A novelty introduced last year, the always-on display, benefits from increased clarity on the Series 6. We've also added dozens of new displays, some of which have a very sleek design. The S6 chip is 20% faster than the S5 according to Apple and does not reduce the battery life of the watch, which is 18 hours with intensive use, to about 50 hours normal.

We like less

Apple has announced a very interesting feature, Family Setup, which allows you to link several Apple Watches to a single iPhone. For example, with the watch on their wrist, your child can have their own phone number, receive and send messages, as long as the Apple Watch has the cellular function. The latter is offered in the United States for $ 10 per month. The catch is that no Canadian vendor has signed up for Family Setup yet.

Overall, we tried the cellular feature of the Apple Watch last year. In three months, she served us four times, the rare times we didn't have a phone with us. In short, a $ 10 a month is hard to justify.

The belt without a chain is difficult to remove, which makes sense as it can be worn very well at all times except when charging. This means that you must sleep with your Apple Watch to take advantage of its sleep measurements. We never got over it.

The many new screens have made us lose our favorite, the "multicolored modular". All information shown in this mode is now the same color.

No surprise, the Apple Watch Series 6 is expensive, starting at $ 529.

Are people buying?

Android phone owners are not interested in you here. Apple Watch refuses to connect to your device.

Then you have to answer the crucial question: Do you see interest in smartwatches? According to the latest statistics, in 2019, according to Canalys, about 1 in 10 Canadians will have a smartwatch. And Apple dominates this market with nearly 38% of sales.

For an iPhone owner, the choice of a smartwatch leaves no doubt: Apple Watches are by far the best. And the Series 6 benefits from some very interesting improvements. If the $ 529 price tag confuses you, Apple will continue to offer its 2017 model, the Series 3, for $ 259. And we simultaneously launched the Apple Watch SE in early September, similar to the Series 6, but with the S5. processor, without ECG or blood oxygen meter, starting at $ 369.

Apple Watch Series 6
Manufacturer: Apple
Prices: from $ 529 (GPS) and $ 659 (GPS + cell)
Rating: 4, 5 of 5

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