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Black Shark 3S Gaming Smartphone- The Future of Gaming Improved

The much-awaited Black Shark 3S gaming smartphone by Xiaomi will be making its breakthrough very soon. The smartphone’s specs and date of release will be announced on 31st July 2020 in China at 3 p.m. (8:00 BST and 9:00 CEST). The company made this announcement on Weibo.

Moreover, the phone’s picture posted by the company has skyrocketed our hopes for it. We know for sure that this gaming smartphone will be one of the very few in the market equipped with Snapdragon 865+ chip.

With this chipset, you can have the same quality gaming experience on your phone as on your desktop. The fast liquid cooling system in the new phone will be an added benefit so that it doesn’t heat up fast and the chip remains enjoyable throughout. It will help provide a better gaming experience.

Black Shark 3S
Black Shark 3S

Black Shark 3S Features

The screen size and RAM are expected to remain the same, i.e. 7.1 inches and 8 GB respectively. Since many games like PUBG drain batteries very fast, this phone will not only have the ability to be charged quickly, but it will also have a battery of 5000mAH.

Three rear cameras with resolutions of 64, 13, and 5 megapixels are also expected. The front camera will be around 20 megapixels. It means that the phone will have a spectacular camera.

The phone is going to have an ample storage space of approximately 256 GB. It will give you the advantage of downloading as many games as you want. The smartphone will probably have stereo speakers to take your experience up a notch with Xiaomi.

Black Shark 3S Availability and Market Price

We are still trying to adjust to the sudden news of the new phone and are waiting for the launch to get more updates regarding the phone. Thankfully, it isn’t too far!

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