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WHO: “Effective vaccine for Corona? This is not guaranteed to happen”, warning to governments around the world

We hope to find an effective vaccine, but this is not guaranteed to happen .” WHO warns the world in the usual briefing on Covid-19 . With which the slogan “we must learn to live”, because science is not able to ensure a definitive solution, despite the efforts and millions invested in research. A vaccine may never arrive, it is a scenario that everyone must be prepared for. Mike Ryan , WHO chief of emergencies said that we must find a balance between controlling the virus and the social and economic consequences of the measures.

Easy in words, difficult in deeds. The World Health Organization is also aware of this: “It is easier to give these indications while sitting here, more difficult to put them into practice”. Finally Ryan has not hidden the concern “for many countries, but there are ways to avoid new lockdowns: it is micro-processes, identifying precisely all cases, having detailed data and knowing where the virus is, intervening without involve the whole population ”. All this is widely feasible, the WHO has no doubts, but it depends on the ability of individual governments and on the “capacity of the health systems, which can manage to avoid this pandemic, which involve an entire country”. 

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